BEST of the BEST LED light source box– LSB-1010FB Series

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Light source box that guarantees brightness (luminance), color (color temperature), and uniformity within the light emitting surface with high accuracy.

From nearly 50 years of experience responding to various requests,
A new LED surface light source developed under the concept of “The BEST”, which fills the gap between the existing lineups.

The LSB-111WCRI series, which has a wide range of brightness reproduction and functions, the VLB-10FBW2-CRI and VLB-1411FBC-CRI, which are compact and lightweight and have excellent cost, are models that combine these good points.

Equipped with the functions of high-end models

  • You can specify the desired brightness in detail using the numeric keypad.
  • Brightness unit can be selected from 3 types at any time.
  • Can make any frequency pulse with pulse mode.
  • Can reproduce irradiation environment by voltage flicker
  • Current brightness is always displayed (sampling display function)

Pursuing basic performance while controlling price and size

  • Luminance uniformity within the light emitting surface is 95% or more.
  • Luminance feedback function monitors and corrects luminance. Correction accuracy is within 0.5%.
  • Using high color rendering LED.
  • Dimensions of the housing legs are designed to be fixed to an optical surface plate, etc.
  • Weight is less than 5 kg.
  • Reproduction range of luminance is 128 times (7EV).
  • Recall the brightness and color temperature registered in advance.
  • Color temperature can be switched.
  • Device is functional and can be customized as required.

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Luminance range [LV] 9 - 15
Luminance range [cd/㎡] 72 - 4600
Luminance surface (WxH) [mm] 100 x 100
Luminance unevenness [± %] 2.5
Correlated color temperature [K] 2-point setting
* Please consult us about color temperature
Light source LED
Lighting method LED
function Specify arbitrary brightness using the numeric keypad
Switch registered brightness
Luminance feedback function Gen.3 (including disabling of functions)
Switching the brightness unit
Sampling display of brightness value
Automatic calibration function (LC-5 needed)
LED OFF function (simple dark function)
Switching the display backlight ON/OFF
Pulse lighting function
Error indication
External communication function
Communication I / F USB 2.0, Type-B terminal. Supports serial communication with virtual COM port
Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm] 223 x 269 x 253
Weight [kg] 4.5
Extension [Optional support]
Change of brightness reproduction range (change example LV8-LV14)
Selection of correlated color temperature
Addition of handle on the top of the case
External communication method change (Ethernet, RS-232C, infrared remote control)
Expansion of brightness reproduction range (enlargement example: LV7-LV15)
Case color change
Creation of control PC software
*Please contact us

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