Near infrared LED surface light source– VLB-3020FBW-IR8594

  • A4 size infrared surface light source
  • Stable intensity with IR intensity feedback function
  • High uniformity of IR intensity in the light surface
  • Chart evaluation with the chart holder


item Detail
Changed model Old model : VLB-4WIR

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Model VLB-3020FBW-IR8594
Luminance surface (WxH) [mm] 200x300
Intensity range 0.5-4.0 [μW/sr /cm^2 /nm]
Intensity unevenness [± %] 4
Light source LED
Lighting method DC
Wavelength [nm] 850, 940
function Adjusting IR intensity function
IR intensity feedback function
Switch and select IR wavelength function
Display / Operation Operation unit of the main part
External communication control (serial communication)
Communication I / F USB 2.0
Power-supply voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption [VA] 80
Operating environment Temperature: 5-45 [℃]
Humidity: less than 80% without dew condensation
Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm] 435x330x120
Weight [kg] 5
Extension Expand IR intensity range
Pulse lighting(internal and external)
Auto calibration (connect to LC-5IR)
Regarding selecting a wavelength from 1050nm, 1300nm, 1550nm, please consult us

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