Message from the President

Since founding in 1971, Tsubosaka Electric Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing and selling measuring instruments for cameras, optical instruments and imaging equipment. We have a track record and high evaluation in the field of applied optics stretching over more than 40 years. We implemented a system that enables us to take responsibility, from design and development to production in-house, in addition  we have contributed to society through our loyal customers as an exclusive company. We are moving forward to contribute to society through the provision of outstanding products and services.

President Koji Nagata


Company Profile

Company Name Tsubosaka Electric Co., Ltd.
Location Head office factory
No.1683-1,Ishikawa-Machi,Hachioji-City,Tokyo 192-0032,Japan
Established April 1971
Capital 10 million yen
Factory site 790 square meters
Factory building 560 square meters
Employees 30
President Koji Nagata
Main bank Hachijuni Bank Hachioji branch
Tama Shinkin Bank Owada branch
About business day Monday to Friday
Working hours are from 8:40 to 17:20 (Japan Standard Time)
About holiday Saturday to Sunday, summer holidays, winter holidays, other Japanese holidays



1971 April: Established Tsubosaka Electric at 42-9 Ooya-machi, Hachioji City, Capital 3 million JPY
Commenced the manufacture and sale of measuring instruments for cameras
1973 Developed a photoelectric blood glucose meter
1974 Developed a photoelectric blood glucose meter
1975 Developed an automatic measuring instrument for camera development and production
1976 Increased capital to 6 million JPY
1977 Introduced a 12 Bit CPU board and development system
1979 June: Relocated to the current location.
1981 Expanded factory
1982 Developed a portable blood glucose meter
1983 Introduced a 16 Bit CPU board and development system
1985 Developed automatic urine analyzer
1986 Increased capital to 10 million JPY,Developed a printer head measuring instrument
1989 Introduced a CAD system,Developed an IC lead bend inspection device
1990 Recognized as an excellent declaration corporation by Hachioji Tax Office
1991 Expanded factory
1993 Developed a multi CCD camera
1994 Developed a high-color rendering flat light source (for color scanner),Developed an inspection device for LCD backlight
1996 Developed the CRT-Q meter
1998 Developed a shutter tester for digital cameras,Developed an inspection device for LCD light guide plates
2004 Developed a contrast measuring device for LCD color filter ink
2007 December: Obtained quality management system ISO9001
Introduced a 3D-CAD system
2009 Developed an LED light source for camera imager evaluation by R.G.B LED
2010 Developed a lens spherical aberration measuring instrument
2011 Koji Nagata appointed president
2012 Developed a light source device for smartphone camera evaluation
2013 Recognized as the 1st TAMA Brand Award TAMA Brand Company
2015 Developed solar approximate high color rendering lighting
2016 Development of surface light source to correct brightness and color temperature(Patent acquisition)
Development of in-vehicle CMS and UN-R46 related equipment
2017 Development of a wide-angle lens compatible light source box
2018 Developed 4K8K compatible chart light source
Development of NIR light source for ToF sensor evaluation
2019 Started selling ultra-high color rendering straight tube LED lamps


Head office factory 1683-1, Ishikawa-Machi, Hachioji-City, Tokyo 192-0032, Japan
TEL:TEL: +81-42-646-1127 (main)

・15 minutes from JR Chuo-line Hachioji Station (No.1 bus stop). Disembark at Tokai Daigaku Byoin-mae, pass through the Tokai University Hachioji Hospital’s north parking lot and turn right. It’s a 5-minute walk from there.
・15-minute walk from JR Hachiko-line Kita-Hajioji Station