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Regulation on the handling of personal information

Tsubosaka Electric Co., Ltd. deals with the protection of personal information according to the basic policy described below.

  1. Personal information will be collected, used and presented in an appropriate manner.
  2. Personal information will be stored and disposed of in appropriate manner.
  3. We will comply with laws, rules and in-house regulations related to personal information.
  4. We will continue improving protections for personal information.

Tsubosaka Electric may request personal information using the inquiry form and service application on our website.This privacy policy represents Tsubosaka Electric’s policy on the handling, collection and use of personal information. We think it necessary to comply with laws and other regulations related to personal information to ensure a safe environment on our website for users.When making use of Tsubosaka Electric’s website, we ask that you fully understand this privacy policy before providing us with personal information.

(1) Collection of personal information

Personal information noted in this privacy policy is information that enables the identification of an individual, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.Tsubosaka Electric may request personal information when inquiries are made.

(2) Use of personal information

Personal information provided to Tsubosaka Electric is considered necessary for the provision of services requested by customers, and the use of such information is strictly limited to heightening the convenience of our customers.

(3) Display on the personal information site

Tsubosaka Electric shall implement rational safety measures to prevent illegal access, and risk of damage, falsification or leakage of personal information.

(4) Provision of personal information to a third parties

Tsubosaka Electric will not provide customers’ personal information to a third party without prior permission from the customer. Tsubosaka Electric commissions a delivery company for delivery service. In such case, part of the personal information provided to us may be disclosed to such company within the range of necessity with the obligation imposed on said third party not to use such information for other purposes. We will comply and disclose personal information in the event of request for information disclosure under the law of other nations.

(5) Obtaining and using information and action history that does not identify individual.

Our website tabulates access status, site management and post behavioral targeting ads (method of distributing ads according to user interests based on site browsing information) using programs provided by a third party, such as ad distributors.In such case, we use Cookie to collect site visit history from our users.Such data will not include information that may specify or identify individuals. Third parties, such as ad distributors, use Cookie to distribute ads based on past access records, manage the site and tabulate access status.
Users wishing to invalidate such ads and tabulation may access the opt out page of ad distributors and other third parties to invalidate Cookies.Setup may be required for browser change, to delete Cookie or change to new PC. Click the URL below completes opt out.

(6) Change in policy

When the company determines the need to modify the privacy policy, changes will be made without advance notice to our customers. A request for services that require provision of personal information after the change of privacy policy will be deemed agreement with the new policy.