Customization Support

Tsubosaka Electric Co., Ltd. has many standardized products, but we also offer customized devices on request.Feel free to inquire and let us make diverse proposals for light sources, size of light emitting surface, wavelength, etc. to fit your needs.

Flow of customization

Discussion of specification

Let us know your desired specifications.For surface light source

  • Luminance and range
  • Size of light emitting surface
  • Permissible light inconsistency
  • Color temperature or wavelength
  • Light source lamp or spectroscopy

Inquire about devices other than light sources, such as measuring devices.


We propose the most suitable product based on your request.Depending on your requests, we can make slight changes to one of our products to suit your needs.

Design / Assembly

After you approve our proposal, development commences. We design and assemble at our plant, and conduct data measurement and verification.

Delivery / Installation

We provide an explanation of the operation of the completed product and confirm specifications.We make frequent visits to the site to ensure proper setup.

After-sales Service

We replace consumable parts, and provide support with correction and O/H.


We hope to note points of improvement and changes in specifications for our future products. Feel free to give us your comments.