Measurement Contract, Measuring Device Rental

Tsubosaka began offering measuring services as well as darkroom and measuring device rental with the goal of increasing product recognition.Cases of actual measuring operation and use are being posted.

Measuring facilities and devices

  • Darkroom
  • Meeting room
  • Measuring devices

Measuring services

Measuring veiling glare index (flare rate)

We measure veiling glare index in accordance with ISO 9358.Measures to what extent objects in areas with strong luminosity are reflected as 0 luminosity.(Evaluates diffuse reflection condition, etc. within the lens.)Inner integrating sphere is coated with high reflectance material to emit light.Light trap mechanism is set up in the imaging area to ensure 0 luminosity. The mechanism changes the diameter to match the targeted lens as 0 luminosity.Measures the ratio of luminosity under white condition (white body luminosity) and 0 luminosity (black body luminosity). Our demonstration measuring device can switch light sources.

  • For visible range=High color rendering LED
  • For near infrared ray=850nm-NIR-LED
  • Main measuring device used : LFM-1
Contrast measurement of resist ink

Measures contrast of ink-coated glass samples using contrast tester CT-1.Extinction ratio (contrast) is found by measuring the lowest and highest luminosity of the sample.

Insert sample to measure luminosity after adjusting to 0.1cd/m^2 vs. luminosity of light source (500~3000cd/^2).CS-2000 or LS-100 luminance meter is used.In addition to contrast, and depending on the type of luminance meter, x and y can also be obtained.

Measurement can be accomplished by bringing or sending a sample cut to measurement size to our office.

Measuring light ratio surrounding the lens

Measures specific image plane illumination (light fallout at edges) of the lens.It has become possible to handle lenses with a wider view by using an integrating sphere-type light source.

Data measured is displayed in % with maximum light intensity listed as 100.It is possible to measure from a relatively compact CCTV lens to larger replacement lens using a lens mount.

Measurement of diffuse surface luminosity

Measures luminance of a light emitting surface. Measures the luminance of light emitting surfaces on LED panels, fluorescent and other objects by the contact or non-contact method. Possible to measure using luminance meter by another company.

Strobe measurement

Measures light emission using xenon and LED.It is also possible to calculate values such as the highest illuminance, and the integrated value of illuminance and time (lx・sec), as well as display light emission waveform.Possible to measure irregularity in light emission using multiple light receiving sections.

Darkroom environment

We offer a darkroom measuring 3m wide X 3m deep X 2.5m high.Recommended for measuring luminosity and analyzing spectrum without interference from natural light.

Examples of use

Measuring light distribution of surface lighting

We conducted illuminance distribution measurement to verify the performance of our light source VLB-500LED lighting.It was set with an interval between light receiving sections of 50cm, and we measured the changing distance between light source and light receiving section from 50cm, 100cm and 200cm.Fixed light is measured with an average of 10 illuminances obtained every second.

Measuring shutter second of single lens reflex

Performance of mechanical shutter mechanism for the front and rear curtain of single lens reflex cameras is measured.Measurement is made at 1/10, 1/100. 1/1000 and 1/2000.Exposure time is displayed as the time the light entered a certain place (=exposure time).Run time of front and rear curtains, exposure time when consecutively released 10 times, and repeat accuracy of curtain run time are displayed.

Measuring strobe of smartphone

Measurement was conducted on several smartphone models for center light intensity at strobe flash and light intensity distribution.Distance of light receiving sections was 1m from the smartphone and interval between light receiving section intervals was 25cm.In regard to light emission distribution, light receiving sections are positioned in a grid form, and distribution of highest illuminance of each light receiving section is displayed.Displays illuminance lx and % with the maximum illuminance point being 100%.Displays integral value of illuminance X time for light intensity.Fundamentally, there were no differences in distribution of maximum illuminance.
As for repeated stability, change in light intensity when measured 10 consecutive times is displayed.Measurement is conducted with stable exposure; and the more stable the light intensity, the more stable the brightness of the image being photographed is.