Flicker reproduction light source– FCV-1000-3C2

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  • Traffic signal simulation light source for the flicker reproduction
  • Three types of frequency and duty can be set
  • An external pulse generator can make it light up
  • Reproduce an irradiating environment with the electric powered flicker


Luminance surface (WxH) [mm] φ85
Lighting method DC
Wavelength [nm] Red: 630+/-15
Yellow: 590+/-15
Green: 500+/-15
function Change the lighting frequency
Change the lighting duty
External pulse input function
Setting range Frequency: 10.00-1500.00[Hz]
Duty: 10.0-90.0
LED output value: 0-4095
Setting range Frequency: 0.01[Hz]
Duty: 0.1[%]
LED output value: 1
Display / Operation Operation unit of the main part
External communication control (serial communication)
Communication I / F USB 2.0
Power-supply voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption [VA] Less than 40
Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm] 435x253.5x113 (without protrusions)
Weight [kg] 4.6

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