Flicker reproduce light source– DMLP320

  • Reproduce flicker phenomenon for an evaluation of blind spots of a camera.
  • Change any patterns, words or figures within 7400characters x 5 points font.
  • Change refresh rate to simulate multiple displays by an one device.
  • 7 colors
  • Resolution: 320×64 =20.480[dot]
  • Pixel pitch: 3.0[mm]


function Display unit:
Invoke maximum 90 pages of display parameters
Automatic switch a display parameter by an inside timer
Designated PC software :
Setting of the display parameter
Setting of switching timing of the display parameter
Select from varieties of font: Gothic, Narrow gothic, Round gothic, Minchotai, Taiminchotai
Setting range Characters(JIS fist grade, JIS second grade, extended character almost 7,400 characters)
Light up by each 1 dot / Free drawing to specify unlighted places
Refresh rate: Standard 8.3333[ms] = 120[Hz]
Changeable range: 3.3333-263.333[ms] 120-3.797 [Hz]
Display / Operation LED display unit
External communication control (serial communication)
Communication I / F RS-232C
Power-supply voltage Rated input power: DC 5[V] 120[W]
Power consumption [VA] Less than 12[A]
Operating environment Temperature: 0-40[℃]
Humidity: less than 80[%] without dew condensation
Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm] 963.5x195.5x67
Weight [kg] 3.2
Extension DC 5V power supply unit

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