New standard High Grade Light Box– LSB-1010WCRI

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Strongly recommend this device for those who need accurate, sophisticated evaluations or develop high quality products in short term.

Auxiliary functions such as pulse lighting function makes the device used in various inspection environments.

We apply any custom requirement.

Custom examples: “Extend luminance range” “Change a diffuser” “Change the body color” “Produce a designated PC control software”

  • Luminance range 190000 times (105dB); 17.5EV
  • High uniformity of luminance
  • Luminance feedback function
  • Type in an arbitrary luminance with the keypad
  • Type in an arbitrary color temperature with CT-MODE (option)


Luminance [LV] [Warranty coverage] -1.0-16.5
[Input range] -1.0-17.0
Luminance [cd/㎡] [Warranty coverage] 0.1-13000
[Input range] 0.1-19000
Luminance surface (WxH) [mm] 100x100
Active luminance surface (WxH) [mm] φ100
Luminance unevenness [± %] 2.5
Correlated color temperature [K] Select 2 color temperatures from the below
Light source LED
Lighting method DC
function Type in an arbitrary luminance with the keypad
Switch entered luminance
Luminance feedback function Gen.3 (including nullified)
Switch the display units of luminance
Sampling display of luminance
Auto calibration
LED OFF function
DARK shutter mechanism
Turn ON/OFF backlight of the display
Pulse lighting function
Error indication
External communication function
Communication I / F Connector: USB2.0 Type-B
UART with visual COM port using USB port
Power-supply voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption [VA] 150
Operating environment Temperature: 20-30[℃]
Humidity: less than 80[%] without dew condensation  
Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm] 344.5x320.6x441.8
Weight [kg] 16.7

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