F number meter– SMD-81T2

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  • F number deviations (dEV) are measured against the reference aperture diameter of cameras or replacement lenses, etc
  • The quantity of a parallel light passing through an aperture is accurately measured
  • The quantity of light is measured in vertical or horizontal position
  • F-No. can be changed easily with the switch
  • The sensitivity can be adjusted from WIDE to long focal point with a convenient 4 level switch
  • Full remote control with USB or RS-232 communication control
  • The parallel light lens model 100mm in diameter(SMD-100T2)
  • LED light source model(SMD-100T2LE)


Model SMD-81T2
Light source Halogen lamp
Setting range F number selection: 12 types (F1.4-F32), AUTO
Switch SENS: 4 types (SENS1-SENS4)
Collimator optical system Parallel light lens 80mm in diameter
※SMD-100T2 model; 100mm in diameter
Object to be inspected Aperture of lens shutter of camera
Aperture of focal plane shutter camera
Aperture of changeable lens (special tools are required)
Diameter of aperture at the flash synchronization
Aperture of setting time by EXIT pulse
Measurement item Difference (dEV) against the standard aperture caliber of camera and lens
Measurement range -2.02 - +2.02 EV
Measurement method Irradiates parallel rays to the target to be measured
Calculate EV from the ratio of the light intensity of the reference aperture to the measured light intensity
Display / Operation Operation of the main part
External (serial) communication control
Communication I / F USB 2.0 compliant or RS-232C compliant
Power-supply voltage AC100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption [VA] 40
Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm] 320 x 750 x 280
Weight [kg] 12

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