Lighting resembles sunlight SOL-1000-24A27

  • It realize the color reproduction nature like use – sunlight bottom with Ra97,98 high color rendering LED
  • Wide correlated color temperature range. So, You can also reproduce the outside light in the morning and afternoon
  • Color charts are insertable three pieces
  • USB control is possible. Using DMX control, the wireless communication control is possible, too
  • ON/OFF possibility (for dark places) of the liquid crystalline backlight
  • For fixing with tripod screws, it corresponds to the top, bottom, left and right sides

With “Lighting resembles sunlight”
⇒ It means that it is close to sunlight in the visible range.



model SOL-1000-24A27
Correlated color temperature [K] 3,200, 5,500, 6,500, 7,100 (Factory default)
Light source LED
Lighting method DC lighting
Total luminous flux [lm] 13,200
Illuminance [lx] 100 - 20,000(In 0.5m ahead)
function 1) Registration illumination is variable
2) Illumination adjustment function
3) Registration color temperature reshuffling function
4) Pulse lighting (the inside, the outside)
5) Indication department backlight ON/OFF change
Display / Operation 1) External communication control (serial communication by virtual COM port)
2) Outside communication control (DMX)
3) Exclusive PC software operation
Communication I / F 1) USB2.02) DMX-control
Power-supply voltage AC100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption [VA] 260 or less
Operating environment 1) Temperature: 15-30 ±2 [℃]
2) Humidity: Less than 80 [%]
Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm] 370 x 260 x 100
Weight [kg] 1) A body section: 4.5
2) A power supply part: 1.6
Extension 1) Barndoor addition
2) The lighting systematization that put several together

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