Ultra-high color rendering LED light source VLB-10FBW2-CRI

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  • Switches between 2 color temperatures
  • Constantly stable luminance value obtained by the luminance FB control function
  • Easily controlled by the exclusive PC control software. Equipped with settings / registration, and reading functions
  • Luminance switching and registration /settings are possible
  • Low luminance can be also created
  • Uses a high color rendering LED (Ra = 97)


model VLB-10FBW2-CRI
Brightness range [LV] 7.0 - 14.0(Ten luminance points registrable)
Brightness range [cd/㎡] 20 - 2,500(Ten luminance points registrable)
Luminance surface (WxH) [mm] 100 x 100
Brightness unevenness [± %] 2.5
Correlated color temperature [K] Select 2 systems
・3200 ±150
・5500 ±500
・6500 ±500
Light source LED
Lighting method PWM control 100[kHz]
function Registered luminance variable
・Luminance adjustment function
・Luminance feedback function
・ Registered color temperature switching function
・Auto calibration(LC-5 needed)
Display / Operation ・Main unit operation
・PC software operation
・External (serial) communication control
Communication I / F USB 2.0 compliant
Power-supply voltage AC100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Operating environment [Temperature] 15 - 30 [℃]
[Humidity] 80% or less, dew condensation none
Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm] 187 x 194 x 56
Weight [g] 550
Extension ・Light-emitting surface size changeable
・Pulse lighting(Internal and external)
・Chart holder
・Arbitrary color temperature setting
・Additional luminance registration points(up to 20)
・Maximam luminance LV15 (5000cd/㎡)

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